Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update, with lots of links! :-)

So I have been neglecting my actual blog for ten days now, because I've concentrated on my Facebook page (which you should check out here).

First of all, I've been working on the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge for Painting Outside the Lines's contest. I'm seven days in so far, and you can see everything I've done in an album on my Facebook page. That's the biggest reason I've neglected the blog :-(

Second of all, I'm hosting a Sally Beauty/China Glaze giveaway on Facebook! If you click here you will be directed to the wall post that contains the giveaway, along with the rules of entering!

Thirdly, though not AS significant, I took part in Zoya's polish exchange, and ordered SEVEN bottles of Zoya at 50% off, which is FANTABULOUS!!

So I'll be posting soon, one of my favorite challenge days is coming up and I just HOPE it works on my nails like it does in my head!

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