Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 2, 2012 Nails :-D

So I found out tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day via Facebook. The color is blue, and I had SO MANY options for blue combinations in my stash.

HOWEVER this evening my niece and nephews wanted us down for dinner. So we went, and my niece also wanted a nail painting party (my niece is five and LOVES painting nails with her mom and aunts!). Well, we do this often and usually use my stash. She actually has quite the collection herself, so between all of our polishes we find something fun. Since I didn't bring any of my polishes down, I used my sister-in-law's polishes for a fantastic blue design :-)

 Here we have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Shooting star (a gorgeous glitter with holo glitter in a blue jelly base), UNDERNEATH Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Distressed Denim. Now, I have my reservations about Sally Hansen crackles, but my sister-in-law wanted a crackle and this was the only brand at the store she was at, so she tried it. It works much better than the gold one I bought, that's for sure! And even though Shooting Star is sheer even with three coats, you don't notice it as much under the crackle, just the sparkle coming from under the cracks.

 So overall, I'm loving my World Autism Awareness Day nails. Raise awareness, everyone!


  1. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my page :]
    <3 Lacey

  2. Hey just found your blog-I don't see the GFC thingy to follow you! I am from Old Forge and I know exactly about Port Leyden-I take the hogs back road to there on my way to Canada every year!!!! Please come enter my giveaway and if you add a GFC widget I'll follow you!

    1. GFC widget is up, it's nice to hear from someone in this area! I only have one friend in Lowville who's as passionate about nail polish as I am, hehe.