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Who I Am
My name is Jessica, I'm 24 years old living in rural central New York State. I am currently in graduate school to become a professional school counselor (PC term for guidance counselor), while working as a teaching assistant in an inner-city elementary school.

My love for nail polish began probably February of 2011, when a good friend of mine had a spa night for us girls. She introduced me to brands such as China Glaze, OPI, and Seche Vite, along with nail art products such as Konad stampers and crackles. Since then, I found beauty salons in the city I work in that carry these products, as well as e-tailers that carry amazing things like indies, holographic polishes, and amazing foreign brands.

My interest in nail polish tends to reflect my personality. While occasionally I like the high gloss, sophisticated look of a creme, I LOVE giving an outrageous impression with sparkly nail polish, duochrome effects, and linear holographic spectacular-ness (you can obviously tell where the  name "Sparkle and Shine" came from!)

Overall, I feel I'm easy to get along with and can be fun, which I like to present in my nails. I figure when I get shy, my nails become a focal point, giving me something to start conversation. :-)

Color: Purple...and glitter, hehe.
Book: Harry Potter series!
Movies: Labyrinth, Finding Nemo, the Harry Potter movies, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Genre: Fantasy/Magical/Medieval
Holiday: Between Christmas and Halloween

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me at sparkleandshinenailz@gmaill.com


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