Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend Nails

Wow, I feel like I've neglected my blog since April began :-(. But that's okay, it's been crazy this past week. I spent a night at the Great Escape Lodge (which did not treat my CG Love Marilyn and Color Club Black Fractured nails very well). Then I had a wedding Saturday and Easter today. Which are the nails I am going to share (the pic isn't great its from my phone, but I almost forgot to take it!)

Here we have Color Club Pretty in Platinum, with a coat of China Glaze Latticed Lilac on top. Now, I know some people are over crackles, but as I believe I've said before, I still love them. I'm all about a design I don't have to spend a terrible amount of time on, hehehe (hence my one time attempt at a water marble!). 

This mani was done to coordinate with the outfit I wore to my husband's uncle/godfather's wedding Saturday, but had enough pastel to work for Easter today (because I was a LITTLE too buzzed to attempt painting my nails after the wedding, the wine was too good!). It was a fun night, I had fun nails, and am very much contemplating what to do tonight. I'm on break from work for the week, so I can either take it easy because not many will see my nails, or go crazy because not many will see my nails!

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