Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quickie for approximately $4.00!

Good morning! So as an attempt to be more active, I did a quickie mani last night that I'm actually loving today! I knew I had a lot of cleaning and work to do today that was going to ruin my nails, so I wanted something quick, easy, and honestly, cheaper.

Now, I don't want to present myself as a polish snob. Every polish I own has a special place for me, because all brands have something unique to bring to the table. However, it is a fact that some brands cost more than others. While I don't own any "high end" brands such as Deborah Lippman, Dior, or Butter London, my OPI's and Zoya's cost more than my Wet 'n Wild's and Sally Hansen's (even if I didn't pay full price for them, hehe).

Now, why would I want my nails painted at all if I'm just going to be home cleaning all day? Well, my friends, I have come to notice something interesting. My nails tend to break off LESS when they have polish on. Even though generally chemicals are not good for our bodies and nails, nail polish acts like a little shield for my nails.

However, I digress. I'm home cleaning today, still wanted my nails pretty so I could share them, and didn't want to spend a lot to do so (even though technically I spent this money long ago...). SO I have decided to try an untied, and LOVE IT.

 This little gem is Wet 'n Wild Fast Dry in Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire. These generally retail for $1.99, though the pharmacy I get them at often has them for BOGO 50% off. Now first of all, I love this line of polishes for the simple fact that they are named after TV shows. I have two favorites because of their names (Sage in the City and Saved by the Blue).

Second, the colors are all super pretty! Blue Wants to be a Millionaire is a very sheer blue base with fabulous holographic mircroglitter throughout. Now, it's very sheer, and may be opaque in three to four coats. However, I didn't have the time to do that, so I just did one coat over a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Black Out, my current go-to black. That's another cheap polish, ranging from $2-3 dollars (I spend $2 on mine). And the combo is fabulous!
No flash.

No flash and blurry to show that FANTASTICAL holographic sparkle!
Wet 'n Wild and Sally Hansen polishes are easily available at most drugstores/pharmacies and chain department stores like Wal-Mart or Target. For a combined price of $4.00 and total painting time of ten minutes before bed, I think this is a winning cheap, quick mani that is ADORABLE.



  1. Replies
    1. Little sparkly gems like this make me very happy, thanks!

  2. My nails break less when I have polish on, too!! If I go even one day without polish, I know I will have at least one break!

  3. My nails are the same as yours and Sarah's. They don't split or break when I have polish on them! I'm a huge fan of WNW polishes, I love the new Fergie ones. I need this one to add to my collection! Thank you for an awesome swatch!

    1. You're very welcome!! I have one of the Fergie ones i love as well :-) These are pretty easy to find too!!

    2. You're very welcome!! I have one of the Fergie ones i love as well :-) These are pretty easy to find too!!