Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Polly Polish Polish Days!! A New Tried Mani

Good afternoon! So I haven't posted in Hannah of Polly Polish's Polish Days mass post in a while, and I almost forgot to today! But I got a quick picture in here at my internship site after hours (something else new I'm at!), and wanted to get in on a never-tried polish!

This is China Glaze Pull Me Close, a slate blue magnetic polish. I have tried magnetic before, but never this color and boy was I not disappointed! I did try a new technique holding the magnet, and got better results :-)

I'm very sorry you can see where I might have bumped my pinkie with the magnet!

*EDIT* So I couldn't figure out how to add all the links to everyone's mani's. BUT I am including Polly Polish's link to her entry, and she has them all on her page :-)


  1. I love magnetics, this looks great on you!

  2. This came out really neat! I tried magnetics twice but always failed...

  3. This was really pretty!
    It has almost a 3D-effect with the stripes! :D