Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pokemon Nail Art Challenge: Week 2 Fire Type

Good evening! I know this is coming later at night (well, 10:00 p.m.-ish EST), but I'm very excited to share these tonight! So you all know I'm part of a Pokemon Nail Art Challenge (more details found in this post). Last week was grass, and this week is fire!!

Now, I thought I was going to do Charmander or Charizard for this one, becaus Charmander's so fricken cute! I also thought I might do Vulpix, because Brock has a pretty sweet one, and she's very pretty with her tails.  HOWEVER, looking at some of my fire options, I remembered Eevee's evolution options, and how pretty Flareon is. So I figured I could try freehanding a Flareon, some flames, and the Fire Pokemon symbol!

Polishes used include:
Orly Sparked (yellow)
China Glaze Roguish red (orange)
Sinful Color black shimmery nail art polish
Fingerpaints gold/holographic glitter nail art polish

I hope you enjoy his adorableness, and if you do, check out the other fabulous bloggers!

-Jessica (Sparkle and Shine)


  1. Love the cute little rabbit or what you call it ;)
    Well done you!!

  2. So cuuuute!!! I love love love it! Flareon is well done, and the other fingers are also awesome, great manicure!

  3. really love your Flareon and looking forward to seeing your other nails :)

    also, not sure if you've already been nominated but I nominated you for a Liebster anyway :) x