Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! A Random Update Post

Good afternoon (at least it is here!). So I have five more days until I start my graduate internship!! I will be dividing my time in half, the first half in a high school guidance office and the second half in the middle school guidance office. While this past semester was very hectic, I feel this one will be busy in a different way.

That being said, I'm hoping to have some time to bring some different things to the blog. First of all you can see the new design. I have had a current obsession with neon rainbow designs for the past year or so, and finally brought that to the blog :-)

But the biggest change is my new polish access. I will not be working in the city I have been in for the past two and half years, which has access to fabulous places like Beauty PLUS, Sally Beauty, and Ulta. Those stores are 45 minutes from my home, but the school I'm interning at is 45 minutes in the OTHER direction, and I will be riding to work with my husband who teaches at the school and probably doesn't want to take the 20 minute detour to the next closest city, hehe. Finances will also be somewhat tighter, so ordering online is limited as well.

BUT I have MANY pretties that I have yet to try which I want to share, and some new ideas to try. I also want to be more active in conversing with my readers and fellow bloggers for new ideas with the polishes I have. I FINALLY have a page on the blog that shows my collection (up to 246!), and who knows, maybe I'll weed out pretty soon and venture into buying/selling/swapping. Not only that, but after doing my first review for an independent polish maker (the lovely Lacey at Penguin Polish), I thought it might be fun venturing into the PR world...

Besides all of this, March 1st is my one year blogiversary, so I'm hoping to have something fantastical to bring and have two months to get it together. My ultimate goal would be to have 1000 Facebook followers and 200 GFC followers, which really is plausible.

Anyone with questions, comments, advice, ideas...I want to make the blog much more interactive so I'd love to hear from you all!!!! Peace! -Jessica (Sparkle and Shine)


  1. Happy New Year Jessica!
    It seems like you hava great year in front of you!
    I wish u all the best!!
    Like the new look on your blog btw :D

    1. Thank you!!!!!! I hope your new year goes just as well!!!!!