Friday, March 16, 2012

While I'm blogging...more hauls!!

Okay, so I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Here's my latest haul (it's like March Madness around here!) I will say Sally's was having an awesome sale :-)

Here is China Glaze Lubu Heels, Dorothy Who?, Fairy Dust, Some Like it Haute, and Love Marylin. Love my sparkles!!
So there's a funny story about my Hunger Games polishes. From left to right, we have Stone Cold, Luxe and Lush, and Electrify. Now, instead of Stone Cold, I thought I got Smoke and Ashes. Up until my order came, I had thought I ordered Smoke and Ashes, but had I checked I would have realized I ordered Stone Cold, instead. BUT I'm really liking Stone Cold's matte finish, so I may just  need to make one more Sally's order while China Glaze is on sale :-)
Then a few random loves, we have Wet N' Wild Gray's Anatomy (a really cool iridescent green/gray/purple/pink), Finger Paints Red Crackle, and China Glaze Cracked Concrete.

So I have probably bought too much recently, but there's been so many pretty colors!! I guess there's never too many pretty colors!

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