Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello, nail world!

So, I have joined a large part of the polish world and decided to blog about my own experiences.

Now, I'm going to be up front about a lot of things in this first blog post:
1.) My application techniques are improving, but by no means are perfect. So when I do post pictures, you will notice polish often all over my cuticles, or smudged because my cat jumped on my lap, ect...
2.) I don't own a ton of polishes YET. My collection grows slowly but surely, as I discover the brands I like to use more, the types of polishes that are fun to wear (GLITTER!), and my financial situations.When I can afford more polishes, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll have a larger collection!
3.) I love experimenting will nail art, but I've never actually been a decent artist on paper to begin with, so my nail "art" is often basic and messy (but I love it, and that's the point of blogging about it!)
4.) My nails are never really in good condition, leaving them shorter than I would like for nail art :-(
5.)  I'm ALWAYS willing to take advice :-)

So, my mani for my first post is...

Zoya Gemma! With an accent water marble finger (first success!) done in three shades of Wet N'Wild: Night Prowl, Blue Moon, and Fatal from their "Crystalic" polishes.
Close up of the marbling (the red spot is from dry skin, this weather is horrible on my nails!)

Wow, I need to practice camera skills, as well (or have my husband take pictures). So yea, lots to learn, hopefully lots to share :-). Will continue to keep getting polishes as I can, trying new manis/art, and join the polish world!


  1. I think I'm addicted now that I've successfully tried it :-) Next mission: all nails in marble!