Thursday, March 8, 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish FTW!!

So I finally got some magnetic nail polish! I know a lot of people say its just another fad like crackle, but frankly I will use crackle whenever I want, and after trying magnetic will feel the same way about it!

So I've had quite a few shopping trips this week, and have scored a little haul of my own which I will post about sometime in the near future (been pretty busy, went with my brother's school band to perform for senators yesterday, shopping the days before hehe). But this is probably one of my favorites. I got TWO China Glaze Magnetix polishes at Sally Beauty Supply, because if you bought one you got the magnet free! (which equates to a free polish, since the magnet costs the same as a polish!). I got "Instant Chemistry," a really pretty plum color, and "Cling On," a sage-y green. Here's Cling On:
(I guess I need to work on camera shots!). I used the diagonal line design from the magnet on my four fingers, and the star on my accent finger. Using the magnet takes time to get used to (you can almost watch it suck the polish in!), and I paint so fast to make sure it doesn't dry, I make a bit of a mess, so timing will take time as well. But overall, I am VERY happy with the Magnetix!

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