Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trying to stay on it! Color Clubed Berry and Bright striped mani!

Wow, twice in a week, I'm on a roll! Actually, I just finished my final exam last night, so all I have left of graduate school is my school counseling internship starting in January (which is ALL I'll have, I have to take a leave of absence from work).

So this mani just chipped on me while I was making dinner (but it probably wouldn't have if I didn't try to ninja-chop sausage, lol), but I LOVED it. I asked what I should do on Facebook, and someone said candy cane stripes. Well, time was of the essence, so full stripes were not able to be done. BUT I compromised and did sparkly stripes with red and silver, because I felt in the holiday spirit, hehe. PLUS, I was dying to use my scented Color Club holiday polish!

Here we have Color Club Berry and Bright with a stripe of L.A. Colors Art Deco in silver glitter. Berry and Bright is from Color Club's current holiday collection, but there's a catch to it. Sally Beauty Supply actually started selling sets of this collection, and only Sally's are scented! I was very excited about that, I love scented polish! This one had a Christmas-y berry scent that's hard to describe, but delicious nonetheless. In terms of formula, Berry and Bright is a berry red shimmery foil like polish that almost appears glass flecked. In the right light, I get the faintest hint of blue and silver sparkle, but overall a very pretty, holiday polish! Definitely perfect for candy cane stripes :-)

In artificial light, with flash. Not the best quality :-(

No flash. Can you see the shimmer?

I don't know why this comes up this way when I upload it, but I cannot change it now matter how I try >.< I had another cute one with the gift box, too! But, check out my freehand, just saying! LOL

So I had a few more cute pictures, but I have to fiddle more with the photos, when I open the files in the folder, they aren't rotated, only in Blogger...

But overall, enjoy, check out this collection at Sally Beauty supply if you want them scented, or any other CC carrier if you don't. I have another polish from the collection coming soon, stay tuned!



  1. Very pretty!!
    Lovely pictures! It doesn't matter that the last one is upside down!

  2. Your mani looks so stylish and sophisticated.