Sunday, December 9, 2012

OVERDUE Polish Post: China Glaze Winter Holly

So I am SOOOO overdue on blog posts, it's not funny. I had this polish on at the beginning of the week, but with the craziness of being a grad student at the end of the semester, blogging has unfortunately taken a back seat. My nail polish, however, has not, if you check out my Facebook. I actually posted a couple pictures of this polish there, and even made it my profile picture because of the holiday season :-). I even have a Christmas themed blog for the month of December!

*On a note, even though I'm a Christmas-y blog, I DO highly encourage and appreciate those celebrating different holidays. Mine may be Christmas but I love to hear and see others!

On to the polish! China Glaze Winter Holly from the Holiday Joy 2012 collection. Oh how I love thee! So wintery and festive, here you will see a almost forest green fine glitter with gold and some holographic glitter mixed in. Very reminiscent of I'm Not Lion/I Herd That from On Safari collection and United/Hello Gorgeous from the United collection in terms of formula, but with the beautiful Christmas green and gold. It definitely needed topcoat with make it shiny/sparkly, and I did a coat of Gelous to smooth it out. Here's the photos!

No flash in artificial light, with garland background :-)
With flash, artificial light
No flash, more garland!

With flash and blurry, to show the holographic goodness

 Isn't that so festive and Christmas-y? This polish would be perfect for a Christmas-tree mani, as the green of the tree. Maybe I'll make that happen soon...

Until then, enjoy your holiday!


  1. This is the only shade I bought from this yrs ChG holiday collection. Many folks went nuts for the gold, silver and pinky gold micro glitters like this one - but this is the one that my eyeballs went for. I had never seen anything quite like it.

    1. I hear ya there! I bought one of the multi-colored glitters, as well (Glitter All The Way) because it looked like Mardi-Gras in a bottle, hehe. But I've used both of them, and this was my fave too!