Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jamberry Nails: I believe this is my first review!

Good evening all! So I've been having a great summer so far, I hope all of you are! I've spent lots of time at the lake, hanging out with family, drinking Alabama Slammers, and of course painting my nails, hehe.

However, I'm rather behind on some of my responsibilities to this page here! SOOOO This is my first duty: Quite a while back I received an offer for a free sample of Jamberry Nail Shields from independent consultant Carson Weir. Jamberry Nail Shields are pre-done nail art strips you stick to your nail, similar to those that Sally Hansen have done and OPI is coming out with. I have personally never used them until my experience with Jamberry, so it was neat try!

These are first of all, NOT pure polish like many of the other companies do. These strips are a thin pliable sheet that sticks to your nail and stays there after being pressed on and heated directly to the nail. No topcoat or basecoat is required, and actually not recommended.

The possibilities of designs is endless! Jamberry offers dozens of cute, fashionable designs from classic and subdued to hip and edgy. I received one strip of Mulberry Flower on White, which was enough to apply to both of my ring fingers as an accent nail. Each order comes with enough strips to do 2-3 manicures, which is nice!

And here's my pictures. First, though, I will apologize for the somewhat blurry pictures I always have. I always work with a basic 14 MP Kodak, so until I get an awesome camera my pictures are limited in quality :-( Someday though, I'll have an awesome camera that takes polish pictures with the ranks of some of my favorites, such as The PolishAholic and Love for Lacquer!

 As I said before, the pattern of the Jamberry nail shield is Mulberry Flower on White, found with their "Flower Power" designs. The pink polish is Zoya Kimber for the record.

+Lots of fabulous designs for those like me who struggle with actual nail art.
+Not overly difficult to apply initially IF DONE RIGHT.
+Long durability if done right.

-If your nails aren't perfectly clean and dry, the strips have trouble sticking (especially to the end of the nail)
-Sizing may be tricky.
-Require heat to apply, which can get a little painful.

You can find Jamberry Nail Shields via any independent consultant, the one I received my sample from is Carson Weir found here. They are $15 for a set that does two-three manis. Right now, there is a buy 3 get 1 free sale, so if these types of nail art are your thing, go for it!

Me personally, even though I'm not good at making my own designs, I find more comfort in painting nails. But for those that like instant cute nails, I would suggest these :-)

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