Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Color Club Revvvolution and Fashion Addict Pt. 1: The Capture!

Good afternoon, lovelies!!!

So I'm a little lack luster this summer, because I work in a school and am off of work. Why does this limit my polish time? Well, I live in a VERY rural area 45 minutes from work at an inner-city school district. Well, when I'm working, I go to the stores after work more often than I should (oops!). However, I need to find excuses to get to the city. And yesterday I had one.

I've been ALL OVER central and northern NY state with my husband, who is on the job hunt for a math teaching position. He's had five interview offers this summer, the fifth interview being tomorrow. He's also teaching summer school, so the interviews take time from his planning and teaching, and it's been hectic helping him get everything together.

BUT. My husband had an interview 45 minutes north of our home yesterday, then had to head 50 minutes south of our home to his summer school job to prepare for the day he was missing to go to today's interview interview (At this point he's had an interview Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week!). So I drove him to let him work during the 50 minute car ride, dropped him off, did some birthday shopping for my mom, and of course...POLISH SHOPPING!

Now, I wasn't just perusing (though I was checking at the Sally's to see if they had the China Glaze On Safari collection, which they did not :-(...) I had heard from the lovely Jen at Jen's Nail Files that Color Club once had some beautiful linear holographic polishes. Anyone who knows my lemmings knows I have CRAVED some holographic polishes.  BUT, from my understanding, when the U.S. stopped the use of the holographic material, Color Club recreated their polishes to be shimmers rather than holos. However, if you look right, the holos are still kicking around.

SO I decided to go to my Color Club and OPI store of choice: Beauty PLUS Salon in New Hartford. I knew I went there for a reason! They carry lots of Color Club colors, and they must have been kickin' around for a little while, because...

Looks innocent, yes/no? Left: Revvvolution, Right: Fashion Addict
BAM! Holographic goodness (you can see the holo better on this color in the full-size pic, but in person it's marvelous!)

Even MORE holo goodness! (it's pretty obvious in this one!)

So the first part of this adventure, as in the hunt and success, are captured.

 Coming soon: Part 2: The swatch!


  1. You know you can buy both Fashion Addict and Revolution from I have gotten 3 of each and they are only $3.00. Love them.

    1. I will be checking that site for sure! These were $3.99, I think, so to save the cost of shipping it's not bad. But for the summers when I can't get to the city...:-)