Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try it on Tuesday! Iconic Orange and Turn the other Chic

Hello, lovelies! I'm slowly getting back into my blogging habit, especially when I have something fun to talk about :-) My fellow blogger Jill at Jilltastic Nail Design (also found via her Facebook page) has been hosting Try it on Tuesday, where you wear something you've had that is unworn. WELL, I've got a few of those kickin' around as you may know, with last weeks feature of Gaga for Green and Pirouette my Whistle :-).

This week I felt like something BRIGHT. I came across my Finger Paints Iconic Orange, which I technically have tried on for a dupe-finder post. But I have never done a full mani with it, and it's a VERY bright orange, as you will see. But to make sure I am truly trying something on for the first time, I did a coat of Color Club Turn the Other Chic from their 2010 French collection. And here are the results!:

 I'll start with what's on top (yes, I know that is backwards, roll with me here!): Color Club Turn the Other Chic is an iridescent color changing and gold glitter in a tangerine orange jelly base. Very sheer on it's own, but one coat on top of another color is FABULOUS, especially a bright color such as iconic orange! You don't notice the orange base to the glitter as much when it's over such a bright orange, but the orange jelly makes the glitter look more golden in the right light.

I have discussed Iconic Orange before, in the post linked above. A true neon orange, opaque in two coats and nearly glow-in-the-dark, hehe.

I love trying on new things, I'll hopefully be posting more!


  1. It's a beautiful combination!

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