Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nail Fun...more Glitter Crackle!

Hello hello! So I did this mani...Sunday night I believe? And I never had the chance to get the pictures up. But I had mentioned on my Facebook page (you can click here to see it!) that I was wearing glitter crackle. And I had a couple questions about it, I loved the combo I did, so I took pictures and want to share!

Here I used Wet 'n Wild Through the Grapevine as a base, with China Glaze Beam Me Up glitter crackle.  You can see the cracks ARE pretty distinct, and large like using a thick coat of a single color crackle, even though this is a thinner coat of glitter crackle. The purple base was surprisingly easy to work with, as well, opaque in two coats with little to no streaking!

Gotta get to work for now, enjoy!

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