Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dupe Finder: Zoya Paz and Finger Paints Iconic Orange

So I posted buying two Finger Paints neons with my birthday coupon from Sally Beauty. LOVE them! Then I was at Ulta hitting the clearance rack, and came upon Zoya Paz from the La-Di-Da collection for like, $2.00. HAD to pick it up. In the bottle, it looked darker than the Finger Paints orange (my camera isn't AWESOME, so the difference isn't as noticeable in the picture as it is in person).

Well, when I put Paz on this past weekend, I noticed it looked very bright and neon. So I had to do a comparison between the two, to make sure I didn't get dupes.

 One coat, no topcoat: Forefinger and Ring Finger are Zoya Paz, Middle Finger and Pinkie are Finger Paints Iconic Orange
Two Coats, same placement, no top coat.

So the difference is hard to capture due to the neon-nature of these polishes. But there are many differences indeed:

-Paz is a thinner, almost jelly-like formula, easy to apply but takes an extra coat (I only used two and you can see my smile line).
-Iconic Orange is thicker, more creme like, also easy to apply and only required two coats.

-Paz is as the Zoya website describes, "traffic cone orange." It's bright, but not really NEON.
-Iconic Orange is NEON. Its a little lighter than Paz, but definitely brighter, as well. Paz is the traffic cone, Iconic Orange is the vest the workers wear to catch attention.

So the two polishes are NOT dupes, just similar. But fantabulous in their own way, nonetheless :-)

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