Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Awesomeness!

Hello again! So I'm still rocking the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. Some days are easier than others, I know the water marbling day is coming up, EEK! It was my first blog post here, actually, but I've only done it that one time!

So Tuesday, May 1 was my 24th birthday :-) I got lots of love from family, friends, and even the polish community! It's a nice feeling knowing so many people are so friendly! And of course you know what this girl needs for her birthday: POLISH!

So first I'm gonna start with my Sally's trip. Because I got an e-mail for $10 off of a $20 purchase! So I picked up these:
 I got two Finger Paints neons: Silkscreen Green and Iconic Orange. I found Orly Space Cadet on clearance. And my favorite from this trip: Two China Glaze Glitter Crackles! They are Jade-D and Gleam Me Up. I know so many people are over crackles, I have a feeling I will always love them :-) Reviews to come shortly!

Now for my birthday gifts, I got polish from my husband (who utilized the Earth Day promotion), and a surprise from my sister-in-law:

I got my first stamping kit!! I will so be using it this weekend, too! For my Zoyas, I got (from L-R) Maize, Goldie, Angelina, Faye, Carly, Kimber, and Zuza. SO EXCITED!!

That's that for now, I'll be back soon with some fun challenge pictures, probably utilizing some of these!!


  1. wow what a wonderful birthday you must have had! I'm so jealous haha I just started to become a polish addict this year but I doubt anyone will actually give me polish for my birthday. Maybe I should just go out and treat myself? I've been dying to have a flakies topcoat ever since I found out about them and I've never even had a crackle before but I think they're awesome! You're not the only one who still likes them :)

  2. I'm crazy jealous!! Those Zoya polishes look beautiful!

    BTW I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!