Thursday, May 22, 2014

Julep Color Inspiration

Hi guys, long time no see! So I've been MIA in the blogging world for a few months now, I'll give a quick recap on why: finished graduate school, now a certified school counselor, new job started in the school I interned with, and there is a baby on the way due in July! We don't know boy or girl, but so far it is VERY healthy.

 Now I wanted to do a polish-related reveal of my pregnancy, but fatigue and time have limited the nail art I can do. HOWEVER, I did get some inspiration to think about polish and colors. I recently received an e-mail from a representative from Julep, looking for bloggers to give color inspirations. This could in in the form of stories, pictures, or whatever inspiration I could find!

Naturally my inspiration is coming from my most recent and exciting life change, the coming birth of my first child. We do not know if it will be a boy or a girl, and chose to do it that way (though it wouldn't let us see even if we wanted to know!). But we do have names picked out, and the girl name is Juliet. Since Julep polishes are often real names of people, I thought that would be an appropriate start :-)

Now, the finish. I went to the Julep nail color page to get some ideas of what they do and what I liked. When you run a blog called "Sparkle and Shine Nails," chances are you want a glittery finish. One of my favorite glitter finishes are the micro glitters, that can be opaque on their own with two or three coats, or a nice finish over a pretty creme. Julep has a very pretty holographic micro glitter topper called Joelle that you can find here, that I thought would be an EXCELLENT addition to the finish of my polish.

I also found inspiration in some of the birthstone polishes Julep is coming out with. I am in LOVE with Pricilla, the May emerald polish. My birth month is May, and the polish is a fantastic full-coverage glitter.  Mix this full coverage glitter with some holographic micro glitter, and you have a sparkly, shiny bombshell!

Finally, I need some color inspiration. This is the hardest, because there are many options I could go with. My first though is a bright red, because my baby will be born in July. But there is always the slightest chance things happen where my baby is born in late June. Then I thought of the themes I'm looking for with baby. I LOVE owls, they are my favorite as most of you may know (and yes, this does have to do with Harry Potter!). This is one of the crib sets I put on my baby registry:
Isn't that combo of yellow, gray, and brown really cute, and gender non-specific? But for what I'm looking for, I'm going to focus on one color, and that would be probably be the brown (the yellow and gray would end up gold or silver in glitter form). Both adorable and majestic, wise owls all seem to be brown, and it also has the woodsy feeling I've grown up with and intend on my children to grow up in as well.

So there you have it! I'm looking at a polish named Juliet, a full coverage chocolate brown glitter bomb scattered with holographic micro glitter.

By the way, Julep is also giving away a chance to get to NYFW (OMG THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC), you can sign up here!