Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fan Picked and Try it on Tuesday!

So I ended up a little MIA last week, around the time I posted on my Facebook page that I would do the mani requested by my fans. Well, at that time the most picked was Orly Space Cadet. So without further ado, I will show you some pictures and talk a little about the polish!

Okay, so Space Cadet came out...in the Fall of 2010, I believe? It is one of the COOLEST duochrome shimmery polishes I have ever laid eyes on. It goes from purple to bronze to green to gold, but instead of a sheen like most duochromes, it's more of a microglitter. A little on the thin side, this is two coats and it could have really used three (plus I do have a little shrinkage from my CG Fast Forward Topcoat). But overall, this is one of the coolest polishes EVAR.

NOW, onto blog post part 2:

Jilltastic Nail Design is hosting "Try it on Tuesday," where people post pictures of polishes they've had, but haven't used yet. Well, I had the perfect color for this Tuesday!

Here we have China Glaze Gaga for Green, with OPI Pirou-ette My Whistle. I've had the green from probably a month now, but never had the chance to wear it. The OPI I just got at Ulta the other day, but it was still untried until today!

Gaga for Green is from the Electropop collection from this past spring, so it doesn't have the summer vibe I was looking for. But it's a beautiful green creme, almost a minty lime green. The formula was alright, a little thin and streaky. But I got it pretty smooth in two coats, three may have been better.

Pirou-ette My Whistle is from OPI's NYC Ballet Collection from this past spring, as well. Such a PRETTY glitter! It's got tiny silver glitter and a white-ish platinum hex glitter throughout. The hex glitter was a little hard to get out, but it worked well enough with a little maneuvering.

So I tried TWO polishes for Try it On Tuesday, and it was a fantabulous combination!

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